Joanna Gislason

Joanna Gislason

Joanna Gislason

leadership advisor and human rights lawyer

Day Two – March 14, 2018 – From Moral to Medical: The new approach to substance use in the workplace

Joanna Gislason is a leadership advisor and human rights lawyer who helps progressive leaders be their most skillful, impactful and brave selves as they work to make the world and their workplaces more healthy and just.

As a lawyer, she works in the areas of labour, administrative and human rights law and has fought for her clients in forums ranging from the employment and assistance appeal tribunal to the Supreme Court of Canada. She is a strong advocate for the rights of individuals as well as a sophisticated strategist to leaders of unions and other progressive organizations.

Joanna is also a skilled mediator (Harvard, University of California, US Department of Justice), change facilitator and integral coach (New Ventures West).

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