Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan

Public Employee and Staff Representative

Day One – March 13, 2018 – Perspectives on the New Workplace

Jeff is a 51-year-old married father of five. He has been a government employee since August 1990.

As the result of an incident in 1991 where he was held hostage at gunpoint as a correctional officer, Jeff has lived with PTSD. However it was many years later he was finally diagnosed, and only as a result of his employer wanting to fire him.

He took medication for a period, but stopped taking them. He was angry and lashed out often, mostly verbally. His family would tell him that he was always mad or always yelling.

In October 2015 he realized his anger was getting out of control. He saw his doctor and was prescribed medication. Taking medication again really allowed him to see how angry he had been. This was both good and bad – good because the medication helped him get his anger under control – bad because he could now see the impact his anger had on his family.

In 2016, Jeff attended his first Bottom Line Conference. He was changed as a result and felt moved into action. Never having been comfortable with public speaking, or had spoken about his mental health issues prior, the conference gave him the push to talk about his path with his mental health condition.

The first place he turned was his union. The BCGEU gave Jeff the platform to share his experiences and supported changes and action to improve workplace mental health. In addition to supporting the Bottom Line Conference as a sponsor, BCGEU has trained union staff as facilitators for Mental Health First Aid, and in co-operation with the Compensation Employees Union put on a conference of their own focusing on Mental Health in the workplace.

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